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Parent Information Guide

Parent Help

Welcome new Scout Parents! 

This page is designed to help you have a better understanding of the Scouting program and how you can help your son have a quality experience in Scouting.  Hopefully this answers your questions.



Questions about the Program...

I hear people refer to my Pack as a “unit.”  What does that mean?

When you hear the word “unit” it is referring to all the programs offered within the BSA.  While you may be a part of a Cub Scout Pack, there are also Boy Scout Troops and Co-Ed Venturing Crews as part of the Boy Scout program.  When someone refers to a unit, that is the non-specific term for a Pack, Troop or Crew.  Pack and unit can often be used interchangeably.

 What is a Pack?

When you registered your son for Cub Scouts, he joined a Cub Scout Pack.  A Pack is all the grades (K-5th) of Scouts that are chartered by one organization.  When you signed-up, a Scout leader in the Pack probably told you a Pack number.  This is the number you will see on a lot of information distributed by the Pack and is also the number your Scout and his leaders will wear on the sleeve of the Scout uniform.  When you meet as a Pack, you are meeting with all the boys from all the grades.  The Pack will meet once a month so all the Scouts can receive their achievements together.  You will also go on many outings as an entire Pack (though Dens can go on outings too).  

What is a Den?

When you think of a Den, think of all the Scouts being in the same grade.  A Cub Scout Pack is broken into Dens so the Scouts can work on skills and advancements appropriate for his grade level.  Boys in kindergarten are in a Lions Den.  Boys in the 1st grade are in a Tiger Den. Boys in 2nd grade are in a Wolf Den.  Boys in 3rd grade are in a Bear Den.  Boys in 4th and 5th grades are in Webelos Dens (the Webelos program is two years long and the boys are considered Webelos in 4th grade and Arrow of Light in 5th grade.)  Your Scout will meet with his Den anywhere from 1-3 times a month and then all the Dens will come together as a Pack for one Pack meeting at the end of each month.

What is a District and how do I know which one we are in?

A District is a geographic territory that allows professional Scouters (those employed by the BSA) to better serve you.  Every Pack is a part of a District and that District depends on where your Pack is located.  To figure out what District you are a part of, click on the Districts tab of the Web site and find the District that lists your city or school district.  Your District will hold monthly leader meetings called Roundtables, where all the units in your area will gather to hear about upcoming events, trainings and information.  Your District will also hold events that you can attend and not have to plan. 


Tuality District of the Cascade Pacific Council BSA serves youth in western Washington County, including Hillsboro, Cornelius, Forest Grove, Gaston, North Plains, Banks, and Vernonia.

To keep up-to-date on events and activities happening in the district, all Scout leaders and parents are encouraged to subscribe to the Tuality Times mailing list.


                                                                                         What is Cascade Pacific Council?

The Cascade Pacific Council
Cascade Pacific Council guides over 33,000 youth in 18 counties of NW Oregon and SW Washington.  Cascade Pacific Council is comprised of Scouting professional who work on Scouting’s behalf to train and help deliver a safe, quality program to our Scouting families.  The Council is here to make sure all youth and adults are properly registered with the BSA, to manage and maintain advancement and training records, and to provide programming and camping experiences throughout the year.   

District Executive 

The District Executive is the professional Scouter within your District.  The District Executive is your local resource for Scouting information and assistance.  The District Executive is employed by the Boy Scouts of America and is assigned a particular District to help recruit volunteers and help organize trainings and events in your area.



Questions about Activities...

What is the difference between Pack, District and Council activities?

Doherty Ford hosting the Tuality Districts Pinewood Derby.

Your Cub Scout Pack will offer various activities throughout the year and those are planned and executed by volunteer leaders in your Pack.  These can include anything from a local outing to a Campout.  Your District will organize activities as well.  The District activities are planned and executed by other volunteers and your District Executive in your area.  These activities will include other Packs and possibly Troops in your area and allow your Scouts to get to know other Scouts there age from other schools and chartered organizations.  District level events often include shooting sports and other activities that are difficult for volunteers to plan at the Pack level.  Cascade Pacific Council will offer various activities throughout the year as well.  These activities typically take place at one of the Council’s camps and are open to all Scouts and their families.  Many of the activities are seasonally focused including a fall Cub Scout shooting event, a Halloween event, a Winter event, etc.  These activities are ones that you will just have to show up for with your Scout and will not need to help plan or execute.

Is my family allowed to go to District or Council activities if my Pack is not going?

Absolutely!  All District and Council events are open to Scouts and their families.  Just because your Pack or Den is not able to attend does not mean your Scout has to miss out.  All registrations are accepted as a Pack and as an individual family.

How do I know if an activity is appropriate for my son?

To find out if an activity is appropriate for your Scout, visit the Cub Scout activities page on the Web site.  If an activity is listed there, your Scout can attend.  If the activity is specific to a certain rank within Cub Scouts, it will be noted in the description.  Your District pages also list activities open to your Scouts and the Cub Scout logo will be listed next to the name of the event if it is appropriate for your Scout.

Are siblings welcome at events?

Unless otherwise noted, siblings are welcome at Council events.  After all, Scouting is a family organization.  If the sibling is old enough and would like to participate in the activities, they are expected to be registered and paid for that event. 


Questions about Fundraising...

My Scout needs money to pay for activities, his uniform, etc. what do we do?

Cascade Pacific Council Scouts participate in an annual popcorn fundraiser.  All our Scouts are encouraged to participate to help fund their way through Scouting.  The popcorn is provided by the Council and distributed to your Pack through a Pack Popcorn Kernel who is there to help organize and communicate information throughout the sale.  The annual popcorn sale begins at the end of September and continues until mid-November.  A Portion of your Scouts sales will go back to the Pack to help fund activities, advancements, etc.  Your Scout will also be eligible to earn prizes based on the amount of popcorn he sells.
Overnight Camps - Cub World   Adventure Cove   Gilbert Ranch

Questions about Summer Camp...

My Pack is not going to camp this summer can my Scout still attend?

Absolutely!  While we encourage all our Packs to attend a Scouting summer camp experience, some do not choose to do so as an organized Pack and instead leave it up to individual families.  You can choose Day Camp or Resident Camp for your Scout.  Both offer great opportunities and experiences your Scout will never forget.

My son has never camped before; can he still go to resident camp?

Absolutely!  Resident camp is fun for all Scouts and most Scouts adjust to the camping experience very quickly.  Cascade Pacific Council Resident Camps have nationally accredited camp staffs that will help you and your Scout with any questions or concerns you might have with the camp experience.

Do I have to go to summer camp with my Scout?

While we encourage parents to join their Scout at summer camp, we understand that this can’t always happen.  If you are not able to attend summer camp with your Scout we ask that you first see if others in your Pack are going and if a Leader will be joining them, if not, your Scout will be placed in a provisional Pack where he will meet kids from other areas.  The provisional Pack will be assigned a Leader to supervise them during their time at camp.